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Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review : Bring it Everywhere

This post is a review of the Maxfind electric skateboard, a high-end board built from top end components and made for long lasting durability.

Maxfind's board is a powerful electric longboard with a 38 inches long deck and big wheels:

Maxfind's electric board as seen from the front side

The deck's ply adds steadiness to the ride and helps stabilize the skateboard as you swiftly and safely ride down hills. In this review, you will discover what makes this board an outstanding choice for those looking for a serious board.

A Board Fast enough for most people

Maxfind's Electric skateboard is relatively fast in comparison to other boards on the market today.

This is due to the dual motor output, which will give you a total of 360 watts of power.

Depending on your weight and road conditions, on average the top speed is 17 mph (28 km/). Just like most other competitive electric skateboards, the speed of this board is dependent upon your weight.

Checkout Maxfind's video test uphill and downhill:

luckily, due to its tenacious structure, the Maxfind has a large maximum capacity of 220 pounds in weight - supporting the weight of most riding adults.

The MAXFIND electric board is designed for riders who like to take long detours rather than staying put on the road.

Its powerful motors can easily propel the skateboard up a 25-degree steep climbing angle.

Top of the line Samsung batteries

Battery quality is also an issue that you need to consider when buying an electric skateboard.

To keep the motor running quickly and safely, It is important to ensure that any board that you buy has a battery that can power a quality motor from a reputable brand.

You will find that this is true with the Maxfind with it uses Samsung 18650 reliable Lithium-ion battery. These are high quality batteries enabling the skateboard to have an impressive charging time of only 1 hour and can give riders a decent 10 miles battery life on average.

Maxfind electric longboard on an empty city road

They are also very easy to find and replace, so when the time comes (after about a year if you ride it daily), it won't be an issue to change them.​

Built to last ... and endure

The MAXFIND Electric longboard is in a class of its own and is waterproof to some degree.

It is IP56 certified to get you about town safely in all weather conditions. This means that it can resist dust, light to medium shocks and projected water (think rain), but cannot be fully submerged in water for extended periods of time.

8-ply Maple wood deck will further support any rider in exceptional terrains. You have a choice of 2 deck styles, they call it MAX A and MAX B :

maxfind max A vs max B deck styles

The Max B deck style is a bit wider and has two "handles" so it is easier to carry arround. For performance, the Max A is more aerodynamic, allow sharper turns to some degree, but it's not a huge difference and mainly personal preferences.


  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Max Climbing angle: 25 degrees
  • IP56 Waterproof (dust and rain)
  • 60 mins Charging Time
  • SAMSUNG 18650 Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Top speed: 28km/h - 17mph
  • Average Maximum Mileage: 16Km / 10miles
  • Maximum Loading Weight : 100 KG / 220 pounds

Online Customer Reviews & Scores

At the time of publishing this post, 86% of the people who have reviewed this product on Amazon gave it a 5 star rating.

Mostly very happy and enthousiastic reviews. People love the very quick charging time, the larger than normal wheels and good road grip.

electric skateboard on an asphalt road

A surprising number of online reviews mention using the maxfind electric skateboard for commuting.

The negative points? Not many, the only negative review at the time mentions that the remote's charger was missing (isolated incident) and that there was no support phone number (maxfind can be reached by email or chat on their website)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the remote control antenna embedded into the board itself or visible?

It is firmly embedded into the board so that there is no antenna visible

How do you charge the batteries, do they have to be removed first?

The Maxfind skateboard comes with a lithium ion battery pack which is underneath the skateboard. Simply plug its wall charger in to your power supply and the other end into your battery pack on the skateboard. Remember it only takes an hour to fully charge the battery.

Wrapping it up : Should you buy it?

This is a fast moving, evenly constructed electric skateboard that is brilliant to ride. The only thing is that it could be even better if it had more power, as going uphill at a good speed is a bit of a challenge.

It is one of the only boards that is a true mix of speed, board space, and lightweight design. The weightlessness of this board is crucial as it is easy to take it anywhere with you.

It costs more than your averagely priced board so you do need to consider whether it is going to be affordable for your budget.

However, this skateboard is feature packed so you will not be disappointed with your purchase compared to other alternatives in the price range.

Man riding a maxfind electric skateboard into the sunset



28kmh / 17mph is fast enough to have fun although not the fastest board


A decent Battery life and a very quick 1 Hour Charging time: winner


This is a quality product with a good longboard deck


We really like this electric skateboard, the fact that it's lightweight and durable is nice

We Like

  • Amazing 1 Hour Charging time
  • Lightweight, you can take it everywhere a normal skateboard would go
  • Durable and quality materials

We Don't Like

  • It could use more power for uphill situations
  • No phone support at Maxfind

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Angie Markova says May 21, 2017

Would you say the Maxfind is a good option for someone new to these kinds of skateboards? Like my 16 year old?

I know there are a lot of options out there but I want to make sure I get him one that will not only last, but something he will enjoy. I like that this is lightweight and has such positive reviews. Also, what is better the Max-a or Max-b?

Vince S. says August 14, 2017

I am loving my Maxfind. I originally got this board as a way to get to work faster. I work in NYC and I am not always in the mood to walk. My tattoo parlor is a good mile away and this has made the journey so much easier. I have no issues with hills since I live int he city so that was not a downside for me. I recommend these boards to anyone in the city areas.

Maxfraud says April 26, 2018

Be wary, looks like they don’t have any real warranty.

Yoshuwa says November 16, 2018

My maxfind electric skateboard won’t work unless it’s on charge when I take it off it turns off completely

    Jennifer Goulet says February 7, 2019

    I have had the same issue – I went to return it and they’re saying they “never received” – fraudulent company operating out of China and making it appear that they operate out of Cali. I have been screwed out of $350 and sent the product back at my expense!! Unbelievable.

Jennifer Goulet says February 7, 2019

DO NOT BUY! Maxfind appears to operate out of California but in fact does not have a US presence at all besides a shipping and receiving Warehouse! I received a defective product not once, but twice When they sent me the second defective product, and a company that was ridiculously hard to deal with (not to mention the lack of timeliness to receiving help). I have attempted to return the product – which was expected to be shipped at my expense ($45)!! The tracking shows that the package was received by the warehouse, yet the China representative said that they did not “receive” my return. So now they are trying to keep $350 and the product. Very unethical and deceitful company. I have never had a worse buying experience in my life. This experience has been a nightmare and has caused me non-stop anxiety as I open my email each day to find another unhelpful response from Maxfind. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this deceitful company at all costs. There is no way to talk to someone directly, they asked me to communicate with them through Whatsapp, an international app, they responded to my requests with literally the same phrase over and over again. And the worst part is that this was a Christmas gift for my son, that he obviously didn’t get to use and without my refund, I’ll be unable to buy him a replacement. I am truly heartbroken at how they’ve handled this.
If I can prevent someone else with this review from experiencing the nightmare I have, it will be worth it. My guess is that they’re on the verge of going out of business anyway as they refused to pay shipping costs on a defective product, an issue I have NEVER experienced in the rare occasion I have had to return something due to defect.

MORTEZA says May 27, 2019

i bought a max B from Maxfindboards Australia 4 months ago.
doesn’t climb even a 5% angle although it’s advertised to climb 25% and i’m only 75kg.
also never seen a bad customer service like it. always try to find a way to avoid fixing the issue or a refund.
after 4 month they did not fix my board and sent it back to me. they did a test on a flat surface and said to me that there was nothing wrong with the board.
very very unhappy customer.

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