Swagcycle – The Folding Electric Bike – Review

In this post, I’ll be reviewing SwagTron’s latest electric bike, the Swagcycle. The newest transportation device from Swagtron has a collapsible frame and speeds of up to 10mph, 10-mile distance coverage and a boasts a quick charging time of only 2.5 hrs. Speed, Charging time and Mileage With a 36v battery and a 250-watt motor that charges in 2.5 hrs, what is … Read more

Best Electric Skateboard & Longboard

Need to find the best Electric Skateboard to suit your needs ? Can’t blame you,  these boosted boards are a lot of fun and can be an amazing experience to ride. Electric longboards and skateboards come in different shapes, sizes, power, and prices, there is something out there for everyone. Have a look at our top-picks bellow, and scroll down to … Read more

Are Hoverboards Illegal?

Are Hoverboards Illegal - Cover for Blog

Hoverboards have gained popularity and a few countries have taken the lead in rolling out regulations that govern the use and development of hoverboard riding as a mode of transport. It is unfortunate that the US is not at the forefront when it comes to the development of such regulations. This article will provide a … Read more