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World record on an electric skateboard

Mischo Erban beats the world record for speed on an electric skateboard

How unbelievable would it be to hear that a man can ride at 95.83 km/h and 20 meters on an electric skateboard in just 0.751 seconds? Well it has happened. Mischo Erban has accomplished this

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Skque hoverboard on a dark road

Skque Hoverboards Review – 3 Boards in one

This post is a full review of the Skque Hoverboard, a UL2272 Certified self-balancing scooter. Click here to find the latest price and read customer reviews Main selling points: Fire Resistant Casing

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Hoverboards that really Hover are here

Hoverboards That Really Hover Are Here Hoverboards have been quite popular in the past few years, seeing sales skyrocket after their introduction into the mainstream in 2015. Although their popularity

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Swagtron Voyager Longboard in a skatepark

Swagtron Voyager Review – The Classic Longboard on Steroids

This review is about the Swagtron Voyager Electric Longboard, the freshest and most talked about long board. If you are searching for a cool and unique electric skateboard, the SwagTron Voyager delivers an

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Swagtron T1 Review : The Best Hoverboard for Kids and Beginners

In this post, we will be reviewing the stylish Swagtron T1, a trustworthy, very safe self-balancing scooter. Click here to find the best price and read customer reviews With the T1, Swagtron has

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Closeup of the Atom B36 breaks

Atom Longboards Electric B.36 Review – Is this the Ultimate board?

Let’s review the Atom Longboards Electric B.36, an electric skateboard created by designers who are also experienced riders, promising you a great ride. Click here to find the latest price and

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