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Swagtron T1 Review : The Best Hoverboard for Kids and Beginners

In this post, we will be reviewing the stylish Swagtron T1, a trustworthy, very safe self-balancing scooter. Click here to find the best price and read customer reviews With the T1, Swagtron has

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Closeup of the Atom B36 breaks

Atom Longboards Electric B.36 Review – Is this the Ultimate board?

Let’s review the Atom Longboards Electric B.36, an electric skateboard created by designers who are also experienced riders, promising you a great ride. Click here to find the latest price and

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electric skateboard on an asphalt road

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review : Bring it Everywhere

This post is a review of the Maxfind electric skateboard, a high-end board built from top end components and made for long lasting durability.Maxfind's board is a powerful electric longboard with a

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Shane Chen

Shane Chen : The Man who invented the Hoverboard

59-year-old inventor Shane Chen has been busy over recent years designing transportation products ranging from electric skateboards to unicycles. Shane Chen in his office - Image credits:Wikipedia.org He

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Hands in gloves holding the hoversurf scorpion 3 handlebars

The Hoversurf – a Drone Bike that looks like it’s straight out of Star-Wars

You may be surprised to learn that a number of businesses are trying to build real personal hover crafts. The majority are working on developing hoverboards made popular in “Back to the

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two epikgo hoverboards on an asphalt road

EpikGO Classic Hoverboard Review : The All Terrain Beast

The EpikGo hoverboard is a brand-new form of adventure for adrenaline enthusiasts.EpikGo’s self-balancing scooter is packed with powerful features and is everything you could wish for from a reliable

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