GT Hover GT8 & GTS With No Fall Technology: Review!

Hoverboards can be fun for all ages and they certainly have an exciting allure.

They also have a reputation for being dangerous.

Some newer models of hoverboard offer the same excitement but with additional safety features. Some safe hoverboards worth considering are the GT8 and GTS from GT Hover.

GT Hover: GT8 & GTS Models

These two models are quite similar overall and offer many of the same features.

GT8 and GTS hoverboards from gt hover

The primary difference is in the kind of terrain each can safely handle. Both models come with a free hard case bag for easy transport.

No Fall Technology: A Game-Changer

What makes these models of hoverboard stand out from the crowd is the game-changing no fall technology.

A sensor balances the board for you before you even have the chance to fall.

No fall technology from gthover


This no fall tech makes these the safest hoverboards available. The self-balancing capability is particularly great for those new to using a hoverboard but even seasoned pros will find a lot of benefits.

Sleek Design

Both models feature great looking sleek designs.

The GTS is the Sport model and it is reminiscent of a sports car.

The all-terrain GT8, on the other hand, offers some of the same sleekness but also has a rugged look.

All terrain GT8 self balance board

By the visual alone, it just seems like a tougher board that is ready to take on anything.

Adding to the style factor for these hoverboards are the choice of accent colors.

Bluetooth Speakers

Most of us ride around in our vehicles listening to music. There’s just something about being cruising along with our favorites jams.

These hoverboards make it easy to bring music along for your ride.

You can play music or other media through the hoverboard’s speakers using Bluetooth connectivity. The sound isn’t incredible but it is good enough and you can get a decent volume.

Modes for All Levels

The no fall technology makes this board great for beginners but the option to choose a mode for beginners really helps as well.

These hoverboards have three modes to choose from: beginner, normal, and advanced.

This can help you get used to the hoverboard in a safe way before being more daring and moving up to the advanced mode.

Mobile App to Track Stats

We have all come to have a fascination with data, which is part of the reason why fitness trackers like the Fitbit are so popular.

The GT Hover mobile app gives you all the data you could possibly want about your rides.

This includes some basics like tracking your speed, distance, and location on a map. One stat that is particularly interesting, though, is the lifetime distance traveled.

In addition to giving you some interesting data, the app can also be used to control the hoverboard and to adjust your settings.

You can adjust things likes power, speed, and steering sensitivity.

Tough Tires

Both of these models feature nice wide 8.5″ wheels that are heavy duty. They provide you with good control and can handle hills up to 20 Degrees.

GT Hover has a never flat guarantee with these tires, so they are tough and durable. The tires on the all-terrain GT8 clearly have a lot of tread, allowing them to easily travel through rough or bumpy terrain.

The GTS tires have just a bit of tread, plenty for typical city use.

Front & Rear Lights

Another great safety feature on these hoverboards are the bright LED headlights & bright LED rear brake lights.

The lights improve your visibility and improve safety for you and others.

Good Battery Power

These hoverboards feature an L 2271 Certified LG Lithium Ion battery that will last for up to two hours or ten miles of distance.

The included UL Certified charger doesn’t take all that long to recharge.

The battery has enough power to operate the 800-watt dual motors and take you up to top speeds of 12 MPH.

Customer Reviews, Ratings & Feedback

These models of GT Hoverboards featuring the no fall technology are relatively new, but people seem to be quite happy overall with these boards.

They are described as sturdy and durable.

A few people have complained that the battery life doesn’t live up to the claims but these appear to be exceptions.

Some people who have tested the GT8 All-Terrain model report that it can indeed handle a variety of surface types and conditions.

Pros & Cons: Who is this for?

There are some major advantages to these GT Hover hoverboards but a few drawbacks as well.


  • no fall technology makes for a safer and easier experience
  • easy to use app with some great features
  • 3 modes, suitable for beginners to advanced users
  • great looking sleek design
  • tough tires that won’t pop and offer great stability and control
  • lights for visibility and safety
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • nice case for transport
  • can reach speeds of up to 12 MPH
  • weight limit up to 260 lbs.
  • 1-year warranty


  • a bit pricy
  • battery life is okay but could be longer
  • all terrain use will result in battery draining more quickly
  • speakers aren’t of the highest quality

Either the GT8 or the GTS will be good options for people who want to use a hoverboard but are particularly concerned about balance and falling.

The no fall technology definitely makes these among the safest hoverboards.

Other safety features like the beginner mode and the LED headlights and rear brake lights also contribute to making this a great choice for those who are most concerned with safety.

Q & A

How long does it take to charge?

It only takes a maximum of two hours to fully charge the battery.

Is there any risk of these hoverboards catching on fire?

Although this was a pretty big problem in the early days of hoverboards, there is no risk of this happening with the GTS or GT8.

They’ve been thoroughly tested for safety and there have been no reports of problems like this.

The problem on early hoverboards was usually low-quality batteries, and the lithium ion batteries used in these hoverboards are all certified as fire-safe.

How big are they?

The hoverboards measure 9.75 x 8.5 x 26.5 inches, large enough for most people to feel comfortable on.

The weight capacity is 44-260 pounds, so most older kids through adults will be able to use them comfortably.


We’re giving these hoverboards from GT Hover a score of 4.5/5.

This would easily be a perfect score if the battery power would last just a bit longer and if the speakers were just a little bit better.