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Jetson V8 Review : The Fastest Hoverboard

The Jetson V8 self-balancing scooter is a fast and heavy-duty, tank-like version from the popular hoverboard maker.

Jetson V8 self-balancing electrical scooter

Most users who have tried it say they feel the safest and are able to travel on more types of terrain than any other board. It weighs in at 35 pounds, a bit heavier than similar products but that is because of its tougher construction.

It can hold up to about 200 pounds and has 3 different speed modes, depending on your riding level. This 2 wheels balance board even has an app you can download, which syncs your location, tells you your speed, and can play music via Bluetooth.

It has been safety-tested and is fire resistant. It also holds the UL 2272 safety standard classification.

Jetson v8 self balancing scooter top view

The fastest Hoverboard at 15mph

The Jetson electric gyro self-balancing scooter is the fastest hoverboard around, with top speeds reaching up to 15 mph. This is an upgrade from the previous version, the V6, that could only reach around 10 mph.

When starting out learning how to ride the Jetson hoverboard, you might not necessarily want to go this fast—start on one of the lower speed mode settings to learn how to balance and steer first.

Jetson V8 as seen from the front side

Once you get the hang of it, though, you can go faster with this board than with any other on the market.

Dedicated Smartphone App

Of course, this self balancing scooter comes with an app, called Jetson Ride Ready, that you can download on your smartphone to sync your Jetson V8 electric hoverboard (Android - IOS)

Jetson ready app on IOS

You can track stats like your speed or even your location and can listen to music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers feature. This has been a very popular feature with users, especially kids.

It’s fun to track how far you’ve gone on your hoverboard and to be able to listen to music while you ride. This app is also where you’ll control the speed levels (1,2, or 3), and adjust the LED lights. If you ever lose the board, the app can help you track it down.

Product Specifications

The Jetson V8 electric gyro Hoverboard is a top quality hoverboard. It comes equipped with rugged, wide wheels and a heavy duty, comfortable platform where you can rest your feet. Specific details include:

  • 2 x 400 Watt motors with independent gyros
  • 8.5 inch Rugged Wheels
  • Weight : 35 pounds
  • 1 rechargeable lithium ion battery (included)
  • All-terrain tires that can go over rough terrain like grass or sand
  • Smartphone App that can track rides and play music (see above)
  • UL 2272 safety certified
  • Customizable LED headlights
  • Smart battery management system

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of publishing this review, there was 15 customer reviews on amazon, with an average of 4.6/5 score.
Jetson V8 hover board with led lights on

Positive Ratings

A lot of other hoverboards have been taken off the market recently because of safety risks, but the Jetson self-balancing scooter has remained a top choice for customers because of its safety, durability, and dependability.

Users of the V8 rate it highly, and you’ll have a hard time finding too many negative comments about it.

Very few negative Opinions

Because it is built so sturdily, some customers commented that the board was heavy compared to what they were expecting.

If you are going to be lugging it around all day because you’re in areas where they aren’t permitted, it may become a bit of a burden to carry it around all day.

One reviewer noted that it was difficult to get a hold of tech support when they had a question.

Overall customer feedback

Overall, however, those who have purchased and used the Jetson V8 had great things to say. Customers like how much safer they felt on the Jetson electric gyro compared to other hoverboards or scooter products.

The model doesn’t feel cheap at all like some of it’s (since recalled) less expensive competitors, and they felt the extra price was well worth it. They also were surprised at just how many surfaces this board works on.

Many were not expecting it to be able to go over gravel or sand. The Jetson was described as “solid,” the “best Christmas present ever,” and “easy to learn to ride.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Several questions have come up regarding the Jetson electric gyro self-balancing scooter:

Q. What is the weight limit for the Jetson V8 Hoverboard?

The scooter can hold around 200 pounds

Q. Is the board loud when being driven?

No. You cannot hear a loud motor sound.

Q. Is it water resistant?

Yes. It can go through puddles and snow, but should not remain submerged underwater for extended periods. Many other hoverboards are not waterproof.

Q. What is its safety certification?

It is UL 2272 Certified. This is a certification issued by UL, a safety science company. To receive this classification, the Jetson V8 had to be tested for risk of fire from its electrical system. The certification does not measure rider safety.

Q. Is there any Warranty?

Yes. The warranty covers 1 year.

Q. How long can it be ridden without the battery dying?

Most users have reported being able to go about an hour and a half before recharging.

Q. Does it come with any accessories or carrying case?

No, it does not

Q. Will this hoverboard explode like others have?

No. It is UL 2272 compliant and has been rigorously tested for safety specifically in this area.

Wrapping it up : Should you Buy it?

With some safety and technical issues, many have been taken off of the market. The fact that the Jetson self-balancing scooter remains for sale on Amazon says a lot about its quality and reputation.

It is one of the sturdiest, fastest, and safest self-balancing scooter products out there today. It has an attractive, sleek appearance, and is easy to learn to use.

If you are going to invest in a hoverboard, don’t go with a lower end model that could end up breaking or putting you in danger. Chose a model like the V8 that has been proven offer a better experience and value.



With 15mph, it is the fastest 2 wheels balance board on the market


Excellent battery life, same as other top-rated hoverboards


Very strong, but on the flip side it is heavy


A very good self balancing scooter for those who like speed

We Like

  • All Terrain - Goes anywhere
  • UL 272 Certified : Peace of mind
  • 3 modes including a "learning" mode to get used to it and learn how to balance
  • Excellent Smartphone app

We Don't Like

  • Weights 35 pounds : Heavy to carry if you run out of batteries

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Lanee says December 21, 2017

Are there any covers for this brand

Jessica Lindsay O'Donnell says December 26, 2017

My son got the Jeston 2 in 1 combo for christmas and it will only hold a charge for 15 minutes and of course no on at Jetson is answering the phone. It stinks when you get a Christmas present you can’t even use. Has anyone else had this problem?

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