Swagcycle – The Folding Electric Bike – Review

In this post, I’ll be reviewing SwagTron’s latest electric bike, the Swagcycle.

The newest transportation device from Swagtron has a collapsible frame and speeds of up to 10mph, 10-mile distance coverage and a boasts a quick charging time of only 2.5 hrs.

Speed, Charging time and Mileage

With a 36v battery and a 250-watt motor that charges in 2.5 hrs, what is there not to love about this e-bike?


It very well may be the ideal electric bicycle for commuters:

  • Compact, fold-able and easy to store, at home or at the office
  • Quick Charging time, can be fully charged before your lunch break!
  • Enough mileage and speed to reach your destination
  • Easy to ride

Another thing, Did you know that you can charge your phone while riding to work using a micro USB port? Now you know ^^

Due to its top quality battery, one can ride for 10miles and reach up to speeds 10mph, awesome, right?

And once at work, you could easily charge it for just 2.5hrs, meaning you can get to work by 8 am, charge your e-bike for 2.5hrs, and before your noon, you could be on your way to your favorite restaurant.

Collapsible and discreet

The SwagCycle bike easily fits into trunks of all sizes, or under your desk.

It does not make it fragile either, swagtron uses an aerospace grade aluminum frame that can support up to 264 lbs.

The process of folding the bike is easy; and won’t take more than a few minutes to master

On top of the headlight is a small lever that one pulls outward, then you proceed to bend the handlebar downwards towards the tire, pretty easy, right?

Here is a short review from one of the many satisfied customers, and I quote “bike can fold and unfold within few sec. Light weight, very easy to put in the trunk.

Handlebar Display and controls

On the right end of the handlebar is a red power button that is used to power the bike.

Just above the power button is a battery indicator that enables one to keep track of the amount of power left.

Next to the battery indicator is the throttle used to control the speed of the bike.

The front and the back breaks are on the handle just like any ordinary bicycle, the breaks on the right side are used to make a full stop and left brakes to slow down.

The left end of the bar also has a red button which is the horn, right on top of it is the headlight switch that you use to turn on/off the headlamp.

To ride your great e-bike, you first activate the bike by pressing the power button.

depending on whether its day or night, you can turn on/off the front lamp by using the switch on the left side of the handlebar just above the horn.

To accelerate just twist the throttle on the right hand towards yourself and you’ll be on the move.

Online Customer Reviews & Ratings

At the time of publishing this review, the SwagCycle had 38 reviews and general score of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

That is a pretty good score, considering that this is not one of the most expensive e-bikes.

Man riding a swagcycle ebike on asphalt

Out of the 38 reviews, 74% representing the majority of reviews gave the swagcycle a 5 star rating.

While looking at the reviews; one would realize that almost everyone loved the bike.

Here is a one of the reviewer’s opinion: “I researched all the options out there for the most economical and practical electric mini vehicle (from bicycles to scooters) and found this to be the best bang for the buck, by far.



10 mph is more than enough for commuting (this is not a sports e-bike)


Excellent Battery, the 2.5 H Charging time is great


Nice build and not too heavy


Best Bang for your Buck if you are looking at a commuting electric bike

We Like

  • Very Fast Charging time
  • Collapsible frame to bring it everywhere

We Don’t Like

  • You cannot swap the battery
  • You look kind of silly (is it a cons?)