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Swagtron Voyager Review – The Classic Longboard on Steroids

This review is about the Swagtron Voyager Electric Longboard, the freshest and most talked about long board.

If you are searching for a cool and unique electric skateboard, the SwagTron Voyager delivers an easier, more stylish and safer ride at a decent price.

Swagtron Voyager Longboard in a skatepark

It has a powerful dual 350W motor that gives you the plenty of traction.

Swagtron's Voyager is a robust, more steady feel and a better ride in general. It is a popular longboard for experienced riders, not only for its control features, but also because it offers new riders something different.

Below is a review of some of the highlights of this unique electric skateboard.

Classic longboard design & 8-ply Deck

The Voyager has a classic longboard look, with a 42-inch deck made with 6 layers of Canadian maple wood, interlaced between two layers of quality bamboo, making the board strong and flexible so you can experience an adaptable ride.

Swatron electric longboard in the desert

The board has a nice grip material along its length which helps to keep your feet in place as you ride.

You will find a carrying handle on the back which means that you can easily carry the Swagtron Voyager with you wherever you might want to go.

Two large wheels contribute to the classic look and will you ride over any terrain.

The wheels connect to board with adjustable trucks that you are able to calibrate for clean turns and steadiness.​

The Voyager is made for speed

Its dual 350 watt motors get you speeding along, up to 15 miles per hour on most surfaces, when you are using the speed locked controller.

If you want to take it further, you can reach up to 30 miles per hour using the boards optional ungoverned controller, however the ungoverned controller is not yet available at the time of publishing this review.

Smart Wireless Controller

The Wireless remote's design is good, swagtron did a good job making it easy to use and intuitive.

Electric longboard wireless remote from swagtron

You are able to easily accelerate and decelerate as you ride along giving you full control from the start.

It also includes a cruise control mode, where the board will keep the current speed, much like a car's cruise control.

There is a digital display which lets you see your current speed and the battery life directly on the controller.


  • Maximum supported Weight: 330 lb
  • 2X 350W Motors
  • Maximum speed: 15mph - 30mph with the upcoming controller
  • Battery life: Up to 15 miles on average
  • Size: 42 inches
  • Battery: LI-FE batteries (safer than standard Lithium batteries)
  • UL 2272 Certified (Safety certification)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Online Customer Reviews & Scores

At the time of publishing this post, Customer reviews on Amazon for the Swagtron Voyager had an average of 3.4 out of 5 stars.

There are many reasons why customers love this new board, and a few cons.

The pros​

Fashionable looking with a durable outer shell which gives this product a long lasting, scratch resistant finish. Owners are happy with the built quality of this longboard.

People mention that it is easy to ride and comfortable. Swagtron did not make a mistake by choosing a classic long-board design for its electric skateboard.

Two swagtron voyager electric longboards at a convention

The cons

More than one customer mentioned in his review that when low on batteries, the remote control tends to disconnect from the Voyager randomly.

It can take some time to get used to breaking on this board, and the rider should slow down before attempting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well can the Swagtron Voyager climb up-hill?

Swagtron says up to 15°, however you may want to upgrade the voyager with the ungoverned controller when available in order to get enough power.

Does it come with a Warranty?

Swagtron offers a 1 year limited warranty on the voyager electric longboard.

Wrapping it up: Should you get one?

So after reviewing the Swagtron Voyager, we feel that this is a very good choice, especially at the price point.

The classic longboard look is intemporal and works really well, the voyager pulls it off.

In terms of possible negative points, you should be aware that the remote control's batteries should be kept at a high level, it gives no warning when batteries are low and will just disconnect intermittently.

Another thing we would like to see is the "ungoverned" controller, which unlocks speed to twice the top speed with the standard model.

There is a way to unlock the controller, that involves opening up the board and disconnecting a wire, but that​ would kill your warranty...

Aside from this point, this is truly a 5 stars product, really well made and enjoyable. It feels like a normal longboard, with the added power. 100% recommended.​



15mph is nice enough, but could be unlocked to a crazy 30mph


Nice range on average : 15 miles


It is excellent, if you like the classic design


Our top choice, you can't really go wrong with this one

We Like

  • Excellent Design and feel
  • Swagtron's remote is very intuitive
  • High quality Batteries

We Don't Like

  • The Wireless Controller should be kept with fully charged batteries
  • Needs a special controller or some tempering to unlock the 30mph capacity

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Rudy says May 21, 2017

Is 15 miles per charge a good amount? I would imagine that lasts awhile if you are at a skate park or something. I would think though that for an all day event if you don’t stop, it wouldn’t make it. I like the way this one sounds up until the issues with the remote. If you can’t connect properly, doesn’t that make it more dangerous?

Sara B. says August 14, 2017

Is this a good model for a 14 year old to be using? My husband and I are not sure which electric skateboard would be okay for him. He is a smaller boy, about 5’6 and 125 pounds. We want to get it for him for his 14th birthday which is in 2 weeks. I am comparing some different models and my husband likes the sound of this one.

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