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All About the coolest ways to move on Wheels

Here you can learn about hoverboards (self-balancing scooters), Electric Skateboards, Segways, and more.
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Welcome to HoverDNA, where we have all the information you need about the newest technology in alternative forms of transportation on wheels. Whether you’re looking to explore what’s out there, or you have a particular product you’re looking to buy, you’re in the right place.

Here you can learn about hoverboards (self-balancing scooters), Electric Skateboards, Segways, and more. Check out our reviews of the coolest ways to move on wheels.

Riding a Halo Hover Hoverboard on the beach

Self-balancing Hoverboards

These rechargeable electric balancing scooters, named Hoverboards for the levitation devices seen in Back to the Future, resemble a skateboard or snowboard with wheels on either side.

All kinds of celebrities have been seen riding them, from Justin Bieber to Wiz Khalifa. Although they caught a bad rap in the last few years because of reports of explosions or injuries, manufacturers have taken precautions and created safety certifications to correct a lot of these issues, and they are back on the market and still very popular.

Hoverboards are really fun to ride. To control a hoverboard, you simply step on to it one foot at a time and shift your weight back and forth to move forward or backward. You can spin by moving your left foot forward to turn right, and vice versa. Once you practice a bit and get the hang of it, riding a hoverboard will feel so natural that you’ll really feel like you’re levitating.​

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are rechargeable scooters that you can ride like a regular scooter, but without having to do all the work pushing with your feet.

They come in all sorts of designs. Some are tiny and sleek, while others are built for all-terrain use with big wheels and bright colors. Electric scooters have been associated with older people who need a way to get around, but there are more and more cool models coming out that make them a cool option for anyone.

These scooters are great for kids who aren’t ready to ride anything more powerful, but who still want a fun way to get around. It’s easy to learn how to ride one. The handlebars make them easier to balance than some other similar devices.

Man riding an electric scooter in the city

Electric skateboard at full speed on an asphalt road

Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards look more like a traditional skateboard than hoverboards do. They are one of the newest trends in getting around, and have only really become popular in the last year or so.

These toys can be seen in Silicon Valley being ridden by technology geeks, or by skateboard enthusiasts who have found a new twist in their sport to make it even more fun. Just like other self-balancing vehicles, they are steered by shifting your weight from side to side or from front to back.

Electric skateboards offer more of a thrill than scooters or hoverboards. They can reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour. Some “off-road” models can operate on rough terrain like gravel or grass for an even more exciting ride. Unlike with hoverboards, you can take these up hills or do other tricks that you could do with a regular skateboard, only faster. The best part is that electric skateboards are said to be easier to ride than regular ones, so you can start impressing your friends faster.

Segway-style Scooters

Self-balancing scooters called Segways were popular a while back, and they are making a comeback now. Jokes and memes about Segways aside, they have been used in lots of professions to make people’s jobs more efficient and even save lives.

You may see police officers or paramedics using them to get where they need to be. Similar to electric scooters, these have two wheels and a handlebar, but the wheels are collected by a platform that allows you to have both feet facing forward.

Like a hoverboard, they are steered depending on how you move your body weight. They can be easier for some to balance and learn how to steer without fear of falling off compared to other electric transportation devices.

Segways are a great way to comfortably get around or run errands without tiring yourself out from walking. They get you places faster and are easier on the environment than a car or public transportation.

People riding segways on a parking lot at sunset

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