Mischo Erban beats the world record for speed on an electric skateboard

How unbelievable would it be to hear that a man can ride at 95.83 km/h and 20 meters on an electric skateboard in just 0.751 seconds?

Well it has happened. Mischo Erban has accomplished this amazing feat setting a brand new world speed record.

32-year-old Mischo Erban born in the Czech Republic, grew up in Canada to go on to became the quickest human to have travelled on a longboard in the world.

The beginning of the journey

When Next Generation Vehicle (NGV) initially designed their first electric skateboard called the Nextboard, they came to a realization that it could go to higher speeds than anyone was prepared to ride it.

Someone with enough guts needed to take on the challenge. Enter Mischo Erban’s whose initial question for NGV was could the Nextboard could hit more than the Classic electric board speeds of up to 35 km/h?

The answer was yes.

There is a big difference between riding a conventional electric skateboard and the one that set this record.

With this electric skateboard, you have a trigger that you hold, and so you gather pace gradually as you move along.

Speed and Power

This special skateboard is fully powered by two 200w batteries which means that it takes only 30 minutes to completely charge.

Engineers building an electric skateboard

Image credits: guinnessworldrecords.com

Most importantly, the skateboarder can power up the skateboard and control speed completely with all that power behind them.

The Nextboard also comes with programmable and innovative speed control software which is so powerful it needs to be tamed.

The motor was originally designed for aeroplanes such is the standard of this world record board.

Most people who previously tried to control the electric Nextboard could not control it at higher speeds.

Mischo could, which is why he is classed at world record holder standard.

Even Higher speeds during training sessions

In practice sessions, he even managed to reach an astounding top speed of 102.9 km/h.

He has stated that you need to increase speed exponentially, which gives the skateboard a smooth boost rather than an unpredictable one.

Mischo on the road with the nextboard

Image credits: guinnessworldrecords.com

To be a world record holder it is vital to have 100% balance and Mischo advises that you have good general leg strength.

You also need to be courageous and be mentally ready to push your limits.He says with the electric boards that they are great because you can always do more with them.

You are not able to just hit the brakes, you have to stop gradually.

Future plans

Alongside the team, they now intend to advance the wheels, as the material presently used has proven itself to be unsuitable for high speeds, the wheels have started to fall apart during the journey.

World record on an electric skateboard

Mischo Erban would like to break his own downhill speed record in the future, but with an electric board.

There are no plans to hold back and the future of electric powered skateboards looks bright.

Did that story inspire you ? You can buy your own electric skateboard today! Granted, the best electric skateboards may not reach such a high speed, but hey you have to train first, right?​