Best Electric Skateboard & Longboard

Need to find the best Electric Skateboard to suit your needs ?

Can’t blame you,  these boosted boards are a lot of fun and can be an amazing experience to ride. Electric longboards and skateboards come in different shapes, sizes, power, and prices, there is something out there for everyone.

Have a look at our top-picks bellow, and scroll down to know more about each board:

ProductTop SpeedRangeMax LoadOur Rating Price 
Maxfind Dual Motor17 mph (28 km/h)~ 10 miles220 lbs$$$$Check Price
Swagtron Voyager15mph (30mph when unlocked)~ 15 miles330 lbs $$$Check Price
Koowheel D3M Electric27 mph (40 km/h)~ 15 miles290 lbs$$$$Check Price
Atom Electric B.36 longboard18 mph (29 km/h)15 miles​275 lbs$$$$$$Check Price
Genesis Tomahawk20 mph (32.2 km/h)20 miles264 lbs$$$$Check Price
Airwheel M312.4 mph (20 km/h)12.4miles220 lbs$$$Check Price
Benchwheel Dual 1800W 2017 Edition24 mph (38.6 km/h)15 miles220 lbs$$$$$Check Price
Atom Longboards H.49.3 mph (15.8 km/h)5 miles165 lbs$$$Check Price
Alouette Electric Skateboard12.4 mph (20 km/h)12.4 miles110 lbs$Check Price
Swagtron Swagboard NG-111 mph (17.7 km/h)11 miles187 lbs$$Check Price

#1 – Maxfind Dual motor : Our Favorite Electric Skateboard 


One of the fastest electric lonboards, it has good traction but could use a bit more power up-hill


Battery life is good at 10 miles on average (depending on user weight and terrain)


Samsung batteries,two decks to choose from, solid trucks, overall a top quality product


One of the best electric longboards if you like the deck style.

We Like

  • Excellent Quick Charging technology (1 hour to full charge)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with the built in handle on the MAX-B deck style
  • Overall a good build quality, feels premium

We Don’t Like

  • It could use a bit more traction when going up-hill, climbing at a good speed quickly becomes hard if the slope is more than 15°
  • Maxfind’s tech support is hard to reach and long to reply

The Maxfind Dual motor Electric Longboard is one of the only boards on the market that combines power, a large deck, and light weight design.

It is the only one that can offer a full battery charge in just 1 Hour combined with decent mileage -10 miles on average.

These strong points make it the best boosted boards for commuting, but don’t get me wrong it is powerful enough to have some serious fun with it as well.

A snappy medium sized electric longboard, the Maxfind is made from a 8-ply maple wood deck which makes both strong and flexible.

This electric longboard is 38 inches long, so it is comfortable for adults to ride. The moderate size of the deck helps beginners and adds steadiness to their ride.It also helps to brace the board as you go down hills.

Maxfin’d electric skateboard comes in two different deck styles

The Maxfind is fairly fast compared to many other electric skateboards in its category.

It has a dual motor output with up to 360 watts which give the long-board a top speed of 17 mph (depending on rider’s weight).

Maxfind used sturdy big wheels giving you that extra feel of safety. The wireless remote gives you full control over speed, deceleration, and controlled braking with just a flick of your thumb.

#2 – Swagtron Voyager : The Classic Longboard revisited


By Default the top speed is 15mph, but could be unlocked to 30mph!


Excellent battery life, 15 miles on average depending on conditions


Very well protected, nice grip, classic sturdy design


Very good value for money, one of our favorite boards, it is unique

We Like

  • Great Classic Longboard design, combined with strong components
  • The Wireless Remote is easy to use
  • Higher grade LI-FE Batteries

We Don’t Like

  • You could unlock 30mph top speed, but will need a special ungoverned controller, or you will have to temper with the electronics
  • The Wireless Remote must be kept with batteries charged at more than 50% or it could disconnect from the skateboard.

This electronic skateboard can propell you for up to 15 miles on one complete charge making it one of the best skateboards when it comes to autonomy.

It can work with weights up to 330lbs which is on the high end of capacity and tells you just how resistant it is.

​The classic 42 inches Canadian Maple wood & Bamboo deck is just perfect. They did not try to reinvent the wheel here, and it’s for the best.

This has been a much anticipated model and the Swagtron Voyager does not disappoint.

It is undoubtedly one of the best all-powerful electric longboards that you can get your hands on right now, so it is great for experienced riders and beginners alike.

It has largwheels made out of the toughest material, and a great grip on top of the classic deck.

Finally, it’s a very good value for the price, it beats more expensive boards in some areas and overall ride experience. If you like the classic design, and are looking for an electric long board for extended rides, you cannot go wrong with swagtron’s voyager.

#3 – Koowheel D3M : The Fastest Electric Skateboard


Its Dual motor pushes 500 Watt of electricity each to propel you to 27mph!


Above and beyond: 24 miles estimated battery life


IPX4 certified water resistant, 7 layers Maple wood deck.


Ultimate specs, almost unbeatable. For serious riders only

We Like

  • You get a spare battery pack which is easy to replace
  • IPX Water resistant for your peace of mind
  • Temperature regulator allows it to reach top speeds, but the board will be slower in hot environments.

We Don’t Like

  • Relatively new product with few customer feedback.

A highlight of this board is that it has temperature control which acts to lessen the speed of your motor, this in turn makes it slower but truly protects the rider from the effects of potential overheating.

It also allows them to unlock a top speed of 27 mph! (as long as it’s not too hot)

It has swappable batteries and you can ride it in the rain without any issues, making it one of the best choices when you need an electronic skateboard to commute.

Click here to find the latest price and read customer reviews

This is the electric board that you need if you are looking for convenience.

When you are out and about it can take you only 15 seconds to replace the battery as it runs out

On paper, this maybe the electric longboard with the most impressive specifications, but it has very few customer feedback so far. However you can be reassured by the fact that it passed several safety tests including the IPX4 waterproofing certification.

#4 – Atom Electric B.36 : The Ferrari of Longboards


18 mph on average is good speed, although there are faster boards out there


12 miles on average, thanks to regenerative breaking


Best Deck in this list, it looks stunning


Very nice electric skateboard, but also the most expensive

We Like

  • Looks so good that you won’t want to ride it
  • Very good remote control
  • Innovative tech

We Don’t Like

  • Very expensive, the highest price in this list

A power packed and beautiful electric longboard with 3600 watts of electric power!

This extra energy can propel most adults over the majority of terrains.

It has first-rate software which allows you to experience one of the best even-textured acceleration and braking motions available.

Everything is on point, the only reason why it’s not number one in our list on the best electric skateboards is the price tag.

​Safety is often the key factor and this longboard uses the best and safest Lithium cells available. The breaking is special to this board too. With regenerative braking, the battery will be charged while you are riding.

It is a board of choice as it also looks so good. It has a strong scratch resistant coating and awesome looks.

The only question with this one is: can you afford it? It is very expensive indeed. If you can though, you will have a blast with it.

#4 – Genesis Tomahawk : Good looks and Power


20 mph top speed, enough to have fun for most people


Excellent battery life, amongst the best thanks to a big battery pack


Well made, but lacks protection underneath if you ride in bumpy roads


A good board with a very good battery life. Only for flat surfaces though

We Like

  • Very good Battery life
  • Decent maximum speed
  • Aesthetics (looks great)

We Don’t Like

  • The battery pack could be more protected, can be an issue if you intend to ride on bumpy surfaces.
  • Disconnection Issues are more frequent than other electric skate-boards

The Tomahawk Electric Skateboard has the ability to go to speeds of up to 20 mph, and its long-lasting rechargeable battery allows you to go up to 20 miles.

The Tomahawk is well made, but you may want to be careful if you are going to ride this on bumpy roads.

You will have no problem going up hills as the Tomahawk can manage a 20 degree incline.

It only weights 17 lbs and can carry a maximum load of 264 lbs, so that means most riders will be able to experience the benefits of this board.

This great electric board can easily be taken anywhere because it has been certified as waterproof – so go enjoy the rain.

#5 – Airwheel M3 : The Coolest Boosted Board


12.4 mph, could use a bit more power, but this one is not made for speed


Acceptable battery life at 12.4 mph, enough to commute


Rugged, this is made with All-terrain riders in mind


A cool and different electric skateboard, the best one to ride all-terrain

We Like

  • Cool factor
  • Enough height and big tires to ride it anywhere
  • Bi-directional : can go backwards!

We Don’t Like

  • You cannot change the tires yourself, and a replacement unit costs around $150
  • Acceleration is too fast for beginners

If you are looking for a cool and different electric skateboard, this one may be your best bet.

You can ride the Airwheel M3 just about anywhere, including sand, gravel, woods.. Possibilities are endless.

However you need to know that replacing the wheels cannot be done with standard parts, this is custom made and you will have to buy a replacement unit if the original one is worn out. 

Overall, still a very cool skateboard to have unique experiences with. Strong enough for most situations.

The M3 has huge wheels so this keeps you on a roll.

This board is becoming more and more popular as it builds up a reputation for being durable, firm, and strong, as it also comes with a brilliant anti-skid capacity.

The 4.5 ins wheels allow the M3 to travel over a huge range of terrains, pavements and softer surfaces.

It has a rear motor and so moves at a quick pace of 12.5 miles per hour which works for most skaters.

You get a big remote with the Airwheel M3 which is fully Bluetooth enabled allowing you to connect to your board. All of the movements including braking are all completely controlled with a flash of the hand.

#6 -Benchwheel Dual 1800w 2017 Edition – Best Desig


24 mph makes it one of the fastest electric longboards


15 miles is a good number here, depending on your weight and road conditions


Premium product all around


Very good skateboard, we like the two different decks, but the price tag is a bit high

We Like

  • The two different styles of deck available
  • Enough power to compete with the best
  • Great design and led lights

We Don’t Like

  • The price tag is high

Look no further than the Benchwheel Dual for total power.

This is probably one of the most visually attractive electric skateboards which will appeal to the most serious riders.

The price point is high, even considering all of the features that it comes with.

This is a special booster skateboard that is going to give other boards on this rundown a challenge if you can afford it

It is more costly than some of the other hoverboards, but it has a lot going for it.

This is the board for you if you are looking for an electric long board with a superior look, and a premium feel.

The Benchwheel works its retro longboard style with modern practical applications – which is well worth the price tag if you can afford it.

Unlike other electric boards, its acceleration is progressive and curved instead of giving you direct and steady acceleration. This form of controlled speed insures that you will not go flying off it at its 20mph top speed.​

#7 – Atom Longboards H.4 – Best One for smaller Riders

Atom longboards H.4


At 9.3 mph top speed, it is not really fast


5 miles on average is very little compared to other skateboards at this price


Very nice, tiny, easy to carry around, and excellent deck


It looks and feel great, but lacks power and battery life. Best for smaller riders or kids

We Like

  • Looks good
  • Feels just like any other skateboard
  • Best quality deck

We Don’t Like

  • Not enough maximum speed
  • Mileage is really low
  • 165 LBS Max supported weight

Suited more for smaller riders, the Atom electric H.4 skateboard is an entertaining and inexpensive method of getting around town.

​It has one of the best decks we saw when it comes to boosted skateboards, but it lacks power and mileage.

Might be the best electric skate board for smaller riders and kids. Atom’s “electric H.4” skateboard is an entertaining way to get around.

​It is a little power house to add energy to your daily commute.

​The board has a kick-tail shape which gives the product a certain charm. It has a lightweight motor so when you jump on the bus, it can easily go with you. The motor is well hidden inside the wheels giving the impression that this could be a normal longboard but with some hidden electric power.

The board has some high quality skate ingredients like its high rebound wheels, and high precision bushings, which make the H.4 a really useful little board. It includes all the standard features too such as a built-in battery indicator, ergonomic remote control and secure wireless technology. All of the good stuff is housed in a snug remote which makes controlling your skateboard seem altogether natural.

It has two speed modes from which to choose, the slow mode is designed for beginners and the fast mode really lets the experts sail along.

#9 – Alouette : The Best Electric skateboard for Kids


12.4 mph is quite good at this price point


12.4 miles, again at this price level this is more than enough


For a cheap electric skateboard, a 7 Layers Maple wood deck is good


If you are looking for a budget electric skateboard for your kids, this one is a top choice

We Like

  • Competitive price
  • 2 Hours Charging time
  • Slow speed and High speed modes

We Don’t Like

  • Maximum supported weight : 110lbs
  • Not waterproof

A smaller electric skateboard, this budget option is made for kids and riders who weighs less than 110 pounds.

It is also intended to be ridden on smooth road surface, and is not waterproof.

The Alouette has two modes, top speed in slow mode reaches 6.2 mph, but in High-speed mode the board can actually reach speeds of an awesome 12.4 mph. Quite impressive for the price!

It comes with a Lithium battery which has a super fast charge time of just 2 hours.

When you are riding along you can adjust the speed, quickly change your direction, and have great control over breaking.

The deck is made from 7 layers of maple which gives the skateboard a grown up feel.

It has a 70mm Hub single-motor which delivers 350 watts of electricity. The entire board weighs in at a moderate 7.71 pounds, which makes it ideal for kids.

#10 – Swagtron Swagboard : The Best Budget Board

Swagtron swagboard ng-1 promotional image


11 mph, not so fast but good enough, specially at this price


10 miles is quite decent for a cheap electric skateboard


Very good, you can trust Swagtron, they know what they are doing


The best budget electric skate-board for adults and kids alike

We Like

  • Competitive price
  • Very good grip tape
  • LED Remote is great
  • UL 2272 Certification

We Don’t Like

  • Some customers reported battery issues, but all were replaced as Swagtron has a good customer service

This board can hold the weight of the average sized rider and can travel up to 11 mph. 

Swagtron’s budget electric skateboard uses a Li-Fe battery along with their patented Sentry Shield Technology, this board is made for extra safety. 

It has a long lasting battery life that keeps you on track for up to 10 miles so it is brilliant for short commutes.

The creative Swagboard electric skateboard may be your best bet at this price range.

It has all of the emblematic skateboard attributes, but this board takes skateboarding to the next level.

This skateboard is built with a Canadian maple wood deck which keeps it looking sharp.

To take you over rough terrain, it also has indestructible polyurethane wheels. Swagtron added an excellent grip tape to the length of the board for a more easy and secure riding experience.

How to choose your Electric Skateboard

Deck type : Longboard VS Skateboard

Longboards are as the name suggests the longer, broader types of deck.

They are often made of quality wooden materials and are easier to ride, especially at high speeds. Favor a longboard deck if you are primarily interested in long distance, high speed, or downhill scenarios.

Standard deck skateboards on the other hand are made to be more light weight and easier to maneuver  when it comes to tricks or sharp turns.

Check out this post or the video bellow, it’s not made for electric ones but still applies:

Then, in the electric category you also have an all-terrain deck. All terrain boardare made to ride anywhere, wet or dry, smooth or bumpy, and you may want to take a look at this one if you are thinking to go off-road.

Expected range – Mileage

Usually, the further the board goes the better. There are usually some sacrifices to be made here however, bigger batteries and motors will mean slower and heavier – but they may take you further. 

This is not always true, and some models can have the best battery life without compromising on weight or ease of use. 

It depends mainly on the build quality, type of batteries and more often than not on your budget. Checkout the table at the top of this page to compare your options in the top-rated category.

Top speed

If you are reaching speeds of up to 20 mph then you are doing well. Beginners really need to be riding in slower modes on electric boards, and something like Atom’s Electric H.4 could be a better choice.

Top speeds can feel very fast if you are new to skateboarding, so you need to build up your skill set first.

If you are an experienced rider however, you will most likely get bored quickly if you don’t have enough of that good electricity juice to boost your ride.